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@IDGConnect: Tech Roundup: A Digital Geneva Convention, the New New Graphene, & 3310 Nostalgia




Roundup: A Digital Geneva Convention, the new graphene, and 3310 nostalgia


Huawei: Telcos have room to grow if they embrace the future


Behind the (tech) scenes at the Berlinale film festival


Regional Insight:


What is the impact of Africa's (many) internet shut downs?


How can technology help Latin America to feed the world?


How well is Spain set up for entrepreneurialism?


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At an event in London this week, Huawei talked DX, Cloud, video, and 5G, while in Berlin, we went behind the scenes at Berlinale film festival to find out more about how tech is disrupting the event.


This week we take a look at the effects of internet shutdowns in Africa, ask how smart farming could boost Latin America, and find out about Barcelona's startup scene.


Check out our exclusive roundup of the week's tech news here.


Africa's internet shutdowns: Cost, impact, & implications


Cameroon shut down the internet in January after a citizens' revolt in the English-speaking regions of the country. Internet shutdowns are becoming a worrying normal in Africa and are costing the economy. We look at the cost of shutdowns, the impact of their impact on business, and the implications for human rights. Read our analysis here.


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Smart farming to boost Brazil's food production


Latin America has a third of the world's fresh water resources and more than a quarter of the world's medium-to-high potential farmland. As a whole, Latin America is already the largest net food exporting region in the world. When it comes to feeding a rapidly growing global population, can technology help boost Brazil's food production to solve the problem? Find out now.


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Q&A: Barcelona and the Spanish startup scene


There are currently 746 startups in Barcelona, a city with a population of fewer than five million. We speak to Pep Gomez, Chairman of NUMA Barcelona, an acceleration program for tech startups about Barcelona's active entrepreneur scene and its chances of becoming the next European tech hub. Read our exclusive interview here.


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