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IDG: Nutanix: Is the new Sun rising?

Nutanix chose the start of the hurricane season in Miami, Florida to host its first ever user conference earlier this month, so there was always a danger that accusations of ‘hot air’ could be thrown at the company. While it did blow out its share of hyperbole and marketing-speak, focussing on mantras such as “making infrastructure invisible” and “ease of use trumps everything” there was also some intriguing substance to its announcements.
Clearly this is a company that is building towards an IPO. It’s preening and jostling for position. CEO and founder Dheeraj Pandey said as much in his opening talk. But while the upstart software storage company (a definition that is no longer accurate after this event) beats its chest in the direction of rivals such as VMware; it still has some way to go to match the industry savvy of competitors.
Yet Nutanix doesn’t just want to play ball in that space anymore. It already claims a 52% share of the hyperconverged storage market where software plays a leading role in integrating compute, networking, storage, virtualisation and other datacentre elements. But it now has even loftier ambitions.
“That [storage] market is not where we want to end up. It’s not a big enough idea,” says Howard Ting, VP marketing at Nutanix. “It’s just about making storage invisible. We’ve done that.”
So where does he see the company going?
“Now we are bringing in virtualisation, container management, hyper cloud, so we are doing so much more than hyperconverged storage. I would think of us as the next generation enterprise computing platform.”

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